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1111 Hour Podcast

Hello and Welcome to the '11:11 Hour' and the 'Help me Build my Business Australia' community, where like-minded business owners come together to offer each other support and guidance. Join us for free live events designed to empower business owners with essential skills and knowledge. To find out more about the 11:11 Hour visit:


Last Episode Date: 22 June 2024

Total Episodes: 87

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22 June 2024
Tuesday Night Live (S 2 - EP 2) with Delan Lin - Buying a home when you're self employed.

Join us for 'Tuesday Night Live' featuring Home Loan Specialist and Mortgage Broker, Delan Lin! Are you a business owner who wants to own your own home? This exciting event will provide invaluable insights for self-employed individuals looking to buy a home. Delan ...

65 min
22 June 2024
Monthly Mingle with Amanda Nicole: FREE virtual meetups!

FREE virtual meetups designed to help you check in on your business, hit your monthly targets, and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs. Designed and led by the insightful Amanda Nicole, these sessions are packed with invaluable information and wisdom. Don’t miss you...

0 min
22 June 2024
Menopause: A Time to Reflect and Find the Real You

Join us on "Menopause: A Time to Reflect and Find the Real You," where we delve into the transformative power of menopause. Our podcast offers insightful discussions, expert advice, and personal stories to help you reflect on your journey and discover your authent...

1 min
22 June 2024
Emotions and Anxiety During Menopause: Finding Balance and Peace

Welcome to "Emotions and Anxiety During Menopause: Finding Balance and Peace," where we explore the emotional landscape of menopause and provide strategies for managing anxiety and mood swings. Whether you're experiencing heightened anxiety or fluctuating emo...

1 min
22 June 2024
Understanding and Empowering Your New Journey

What is Menopause? Understanding and Empowering Your Journey, where we demystify menopause and provide the tools you need to navigate this significant life transition. Each episode features expert insights, practical advice, and personal stories to help you understand the c...

1 min
22 June 2024
I Can, I Will: Taking Control of Menopause

Welcome to "I Can, I Will: Taking Control of Menopause," where we equip you with the knowledge and confidence to master your menopause journey. Whether you're just starting or already navigating menopause, our podcast offers the support and empowerment you ne...

1 min
22 June 2024
Empowering Your Menopause Journey

Join us as we delve into "Empowering Your Menopause Journey," where we explore practical tips, expert advice, and inspiring stories to help you take control of your menopause experience. Discover how to manage symptoms, embrace lifestyle changes, and thrive during...

3 min
22 June 2024
Menopause: The Second spring in a woman's life!

Menopause marks the end of a woman's menstrual cycles and can bring various physical and emotional changes. However, it's also seen as the "second spring" of a woman's life—a time of renewal and new beginnings. Freed from the concerns of menstrua...

0 min
11 June 2024
Tuesday Night Live (S 2 - EP 1) with Leanne Michelle from Soulmate Coaching

Ladies (and gents), did you miss out on coming to the Menopause Mayhem event in April? Here's your chance to join Soulmate Coaching's Leanne M for Menopause Mayhem - Managing the Mindf*#ery, Madness, and Moistness LIVE with 1111 Hour and Help Me Build My Business A...

65 min
4 June 2024
A Surprise Guest Announcement for Season 2 - July 9th

Join us for an unmissable episode of the 1111 Hour Podcast, broadcast to the Help me Build my Business Australia group. On July the 9th, we bring you an hour-long, interactive session with the renowned Dr. Jeff Standridge from Innovation Junkie, filled with presentations an...

1 min
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