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10-Minute Tech Comm

10-minute interviews with technical communication practitioners, scholars, and innovators. Hosted by Dr. Ryan Weber at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Visit for transcripts and more information! Contact Ryan Weber at with questions, comments, or feedback!


Last Episode Date: 26 March 2024

Total Episodes: 79

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26 March 2024
Julia Pond on Information Architecture with DITA

Julia Pond, information architect at Trilyon, Inc, joins the podcast to discuss her work using XML and DITA to collect, manage, and publish content. Visit for a transcript of the episode. Email for more information on the sho...

18 min
17 November 2023
Dr. Jordan Frith on Barcodes

Dr. Jordan Frith discusses Barcode, his new book in the Object Lessons series. Though we take barcodes for granted now, Frith argues that "it's really hard to become mundane." He explains how barcodes shaped the global economy, how controversies nearly deraile...

41 min
24 October 2023
Sara Sánchez on Technical Communication in Spain

Sara Sánchez, a localization lead and technical writer at Onada, talks about her project of spreading the word about technical communication in her country of Spain. Check out for more about her work! Visit for a...

13 min
28 August 2023
Summer Lopez on AI and Threats to Free Expression

Summer Lopez from PEN America joins the podcast to discuss her organization's new report, Speech in the Machine: Generative AI's Implications for Free Expression. The report details ways that generative AI tools might disrupt free speech with threats that include i...

20 min
2 July 2023
Jasmyne Epps on Digital Accessibility

Jasmyne Epps, Product Manager at Digital Services Georgia, joins the show to discuss the definition and goals of digital accessibility, plus the ways that digital accessibility contributes to the goals of a robust Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative. Follow @Te...

17 min
4 May 2023
Dr. Joy Robinson on UX Research

Dr. Joy Robinson joins the podcast to discuss her work as a user experience researcher at Google. She discusses her research methods, how she advocates for users, and the trends she see in UX. Follow @TechCommUAH, visit, or email Ryan Weber at ryan.webe...

16 min
26 January 2023
Justin McGill on AI Writing

Justin McGill, founder of the AI content-generation company Content @ Scale (, joins the podcast to talk about what his company does, what AI means for the future of writing, and the ethical issues surrounding AI content generation. Follow @TechComm...

42 min
9 January 2023
Dr. Katie Mack on Writing about the End of the Universe

Astrophysicist Dr. Katie Mack ( joins the show to talk about writing her book, The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking). Dr. Mack discusses her writing process, her moment of realization that the universe could end, and her strategies for ...

21 min
24 August 2022
The Big Rhetorical Podcast Carnival 2022! Dr. Emily Haozous on Health Communication with Native American Communities

Part of The Big Rhetorical Podcast Carnival 2022! Dr. Emily Haozous researches Native American health care disparities and communication at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation ( Dr. Haozous joins...

24 min
14 February 2022
David Nunez on Docs for Developers

David Nunez talks about his book Docs for Developers (, coauthored with Jared Bhatti, Zachary Sarah Corleissen, Jen Lambourne, and Heidi Waterhouse. David talks about why developers need to write documents, how to understand your audience, the ...

14 min
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