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1,000 Routes with Nick Bennett

Every week, we explore the stories, learn the lessons, and track the uncommon routes that common Solopreneurs take to get more clients, earn more money, and plant their flag. Hosted by Nick Bennett, founder of Harness & Hone.


Last Episode Date: 10 June 2024

Total Episodes: 12

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10 June 2024
#11 The Jed Mahrle Route

Jed is a writer, creator, and founder of Practical Prospecting, a consulting firm that helps startups create outbound systems that consistently generate qualified meetings.In this episode, Jed shares his journey from SDR to entrepreneur and what he's doing to overcome the an...

43 min
30 May 2024
#10 The Justin Simon Route

Justin Simon is a content distribution and repurposing consultant and the founder of Distribution First, a membership and community dedicated to helping burned-out marketers escape the content production trap. In this episode, Justin shares his journey from content marketer ...

48 min
17 May 2024
#9 The Chris Marr Route

Chris Marr has devoted thousands of hours to coaching individuals and companies from startups to 7 and 8-figure enterprises and recently started a coaching firm of his own to help others become truly indispensable. In this episode, Chris shares how his journey from entrepren...

62 min
11 May 2024
#8 The Renee Frojo Route

Renee Frojo is a creator and independent content marketing strategist who helps founder-led businesses build brands that connect with people through content. In this episode, Renee talks through the route she’s carved from journalist to creator and shares the challenges, r...

45 min
6 May 2024
#7 The Dan Sanchez Route

Dan Sanchez is a marketing and audience growth consultant and the host of the AI driven marketer podcast. In this episode, Dan shares he used early buyer feedback to iterate on his offer and establish his footing as a solopreneur. (00:00) - The Leap (01:35) - From Sweetfish ...

46 min
26 April 2024
#6 The Kaylee Edmondson Route

Kaylee Edmondson has spent years as an in-house marketer and leading some of the most legendary demand teams in tech. Now, she is a marketing solopreneur and the founder of Demand Loops. In this episode, Kaylee shares how a cold DM changed her life and allowed her to carve h...

65 min
20 April 2024
#5 The Erica Schneider Route

Erica Schneider is the founder of Cut the Fluff, a writing and editing coaching and consulting firm and seltzer fanatic. In this episode, Erica shares how a challenge to start writing online changed her life and allowed her to carve a route from content marketer to full-time...

71 min
12 April 2024
#4 The John Rougeux Route

John Rougeux is a narrative designer and the founder of Flag & Frontier. John shares the route he carved from mechanical engineer, to marketer, to category designer, to solopreneur. (00:00) - Embracing the Entrepreneurial Journey: A Personal Reflection (00:55) - Discover...

52 min
5 April 2024
#3 The Mike O'Neill Route

Mike O'Neill is an elite-level executive coach, leadership trainer, and podcaster. We explore Mike's transition from a corporate HR leader supporting thousands of employees to becoming a solopreneur. He shares the challenges and rewards of Solopreneurship, the lessons learne...

50 min
29 March 2024
#2 The Max Traylor Route

Max Traylor is an author, podcaster, golfer, paintballer, father, husband, and a consultant’s consultant. Max shares the route he carved that took him from running a marketing agency to life as a “do your own thing-er” (00:00) - The Importance of Personal Priorities in...

74 min
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