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Naked Astronomy, from the Naked Scientists

Naked Astronomy: the Naked Scientists' Astronomy and Space Science Podcast - audio that's out of this world...

Last Episode Date: 29 April 2024

Total Episodes: 210

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29 April 2024
EarthCARE, Starliner and NASA's George Abbey

Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham discuss the upcoming ESA EarthCARE mission with scientist Robin Hogan, the status of the BepiColombo mission to Mercury which will arrive at its destination next year and an exclusive as yet unheard interview with NASA legend G...

45 min
29 March 2024
Intuitive Machines and a nuclear reactor for the Moon

The Chief Scientist for Intuitive Machines, Ben Bussey, joins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham to talk through the first US soft landing on the Moon since 1972, IM-1. They discuss the landing, the broken legs, experiments and whether the IM control room is really based on S...

50 min
28 February 2024
America's return to the Moon and UK lunar ambitions

After the first soft Moon landing from the US in over 50 years, Ken Kremer shares his excitement for Intuitive Machine's Odysseus lander, NASA's ongoing lunar ambitions, and his concerns over China stealing a lunar edge. Also UK Space Agency Head of Space Exploration, Libby ...

53 min
29 January 2024
Moonwalkers, and NASA flight director Gerry Griffin

Legendary NASA flight director Gerry Griffin and award-winning filmmaker Chris Riley join Space Boffins after a showing of London's immersive Moonwalkers exhibition. Gerry discusses working on the Apollo missions and that infamous SCE to AUX switch as well as his thoughts on...

44 min
18 December 2023
Frank Borman - Apollo Legend

It's a seasonal special from Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham with a previously unbroadcast interview with Apollo-era legend Frank Borman. Commander of Gemini 7 and Apollo 8, Colonel Borman passed away in November 2023 aged 95. His Apollo 8 mission was the fir...

49 min
30 October 2023
Brits in Space!

With the announcement of a planned all-UK astronaut mission, hosts Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson chat to ESA reserve astronaut Meganne Christian about astronaut selection, life in Antarctica and commercial space stations. Tim Peake - the possible commander of the Axiom m...

63 min
8 October 2023
Shuttle Blankets and Space Burials

A Shuttle emergency you may not have heard of, sending your DNA into space, and a scientist studying the samples from asteroid Bennu. Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham meet Natural History Museum meteorites curator, Natasha Vasiliki Almeida, and talk to Celestis founder, Cha...

58 min
28 August 2023
Gui Bluford, and the end of ESA's Aeolus

We celebrate the 40th anniversary of the flight of the first black astronaut, Gui Bluford and speak to Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and Lisa Cortes, directors of The Space Race, which tells the story of the men who should have become astronauts in the 1960s - Ed Dwight and Bob L...

42 min
28 July 2023
Space junk, giant claws and dark skies

This month it's all about the space environment - how do you remove space debris from orbit and make space more sustainable? The Earth Space Sustainability Initiative's (ESSI) Stuart Clark discusses missions to remove dead satellites, and Nick Shave of Astroscale and Clearsp...

46 min
19 June 2023
Space broadcast legend and 20 years at Mars

Irish journalist Leo Enright joins us to discuss commentating on Apollo 17, an unfortunate celebrity encounter, the world's first astronomers, 20 years of Mars Express, sun angles on the Moon and the worst-named European mission. Sue continues her reports from the Artemis Eu...

69 min
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